Anger can be a most distressing and damaging emotion especially in relationships. Anger management counselling is defitely helpful to reduce the anger which if left unsupported may continue to negatively affect your life.

We work together to identify how and why you have more tendency to use anger in an often uncontrolled way sometimes resulting in upset for you and the people you deal with.

When conselling for anger management I will work with you where useful to identify the source of your anger and work on ways of finding how you can control your anger to re-establish a more enjoyable and less stressful life.

I ensure, where helpful, you may be able to identify if the anger comes from issues from your past and help you to work through those issues in a way which can give you less feeling of anger.
I aim to give you methods to try to control the moments where you get anger surges.
We work on methods which enable you to find a better way to manage conflict.

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Telephone to discuss: Peter UK 07906 717706

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2 Hope Cottage Chapel Lane

Bucklow Hill Knutsford


WA16 6RF


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