OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a most distressing and damaging situation especially for family relationships. My counselling work with people with OCD has brought relief to many clients.

I will work with you to identify the source and we will work on ways of finding how you can re-establish a more enjoyable life.
We know the longer OCD is allowed to continue the more it gets anchored and is difficult to diminish.
It is recognised that the sooner a sufferer starts on a program to reduce the OCD the higher the chance of eliminating it altogether.

In almost every case OCD counseling can  help if you are willing to get support but if you allow it to continue it will most likely be to be life-long and discomfort-making for you and your family. The symptoms may not be totally prevented but you may learn to manage it.

I offer you a series of supporting methods to lessen the impact of this problem.

Sometimes the origin of the OCD comes from issues from the past although this is not necessarily the case. We work on whichever method of counselling works best for you from CBT to psychotherapy.

Through my OCD conselling I propose diverse methods to combat the OCD

We work on methods which enable you to find a better way to manage difficulties your OCD makes in your life.



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