On-line counselling by Telephone, Skype, Facetime or Email Counselling

I have had specialised training end extensive experience for online counselling by telephone, Skype or Facetime and Email. This can be used for any kind of counselling need, be it relationship counselling, depression, anger management or other.

I will ensure you get as good a service as you would in working with me face to face

The great advantage of online counselling from your home is the flexibilty of the time and the convenience. It is also ideal for anyone not able to drive or having a disability which makes leaving home problematic. I have the necessary training and practice to enable me to offer to work with you by Skype, Facetime, Whattsapp, telephone or Email

Another advantage of online counselling is that it enables you to choose to rapidly get started as I offer a very flexible schedule and we are able to work any hours that fit your schedule. It also enables geographically distant or international work in case you wish to counsel or mediate with a person not able or willing to be in the same room as yourself.

Telephone Counselling

You would need to be comfortable with any possible risk of disturbance and protecting your confidentiality.

In case you wish to counsel as a couple or family in the same room, you would need two hand-sets or a good speaker system, but that is normally easily manageable these days.

07906 717 706

Skype or Facetime Counselling

If you have the facility to use Skype, Facetime or another camera based communication I can do the counselling using this very effective method. As with telephone counselling you would need to take care of confidentiality and disturbances.

Sometimes it is useful to have some sessions online as part of the work but still having the face to face sessions.

Telephone to discuss: Peter UK 07906 717706 OR

Email Counselling

This can be another way of communicating your issues in case you do not have the ability to use the above two methods or if the timing is easier for you. It can also be an advantage if you like to mull things over in between sessions.
It allows you to go at your own pace.
I will normally respond to your Email within 48 hours.

I am located at:

2 Hope Cottage Chapel Lane

Bucklow Hill Knutsford


WA16 6RF


Contact me today!

Please call or text me to see how I can support you and if appropriate make an appointment


 07906 717 706




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