I offer relationship counselling to anyone who may need to work on a conflictual or difficult relationship.  I can support you either as a couple or on your own. I aim to help you  to get back into a good and civilised way of relating.

If you need support to resolve any of the matters described below I would like to offer you support to enable you to bring issues to the table in a way which will enable you to come to an improved situation.

I have experience with and can help you using my extensive toolbox in an interated approach which combines a variety of methods of counselling.

Relationships often need to be reworked to find a way to manage in a better way.

Many different issues affect how unhappiness develops in the relationship. If you see any of the following aspects affecting life with your partner you will benefit from counselling support to enable you to improve your life.

Communication; frequent rowing; anger; trust; jealousy; depression; abusive relationships;  internet addiction; loss or bereavement; abuse of alcohol,  drugs or gambling; difficulties with religion; sexuality;  step family and in-laws difficulties; teenage and parenting difficulties, separation or divorce, borderline personality; aspergers relating; .

I work with the couple or an individual to see where the difficulties arise and find where unacceptable issues can be managed in a way which will enable the couple or individual to renew pleasure in the relationship.
Where working with the couple I ensure there is no bias in my approach and there is no room for domination.

Working with the individual - either a separated, divorced or single person, I enable the issues which have given rise to their discomfort to be reviewed in a way which will enable them to move on or into a new relationship with confidence.

Where you are seeking relationship counselling the person or couple's s viewpoints are openly related and then by questioning and allowing the individual to have their say I aim to enable you, the client, to discover how or why the relationship has gone astray and how such issues can be managed in future.

We work on methods which enable you to find a better way to manage conflict.

The number of sessions required varies according to your desire and willingness to manage change.

Telephone to discuss: Peter UK 07906 717706 OR

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