-to continually improve my counselling skills post qualification.

24 April 2023 Don’t Leave Me Alone! Working Relationally with the Terror of
Abandonment - NScience

19 September 2022 Narcissistic Injuries, Neglect & Relational Trauma

NScience- Christiane Sanderson

9 October 2021 BOYS  -Understanding Where They Are Coming From - with Lucinda Neall:

21 April 2021 Book read "PURE - OCD STUDY by Rose Bretcher

27 March 2021 BACP Children, Young People and Families - Natalie Bailey

21 March 2021 Autism Awareness Trainng - Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, N London - Janet Gotlef

19 March 2021 Book - Living with Crossdressing. Defining a New Normal - Savannah Hauk, Judith Swain

28 January 2021  Working with Complicated and Resistant Clients in an Online environment. Dr Jamie Marich.  Nscience 

8 October 2020 The Emotional Regulation Toolkit. Helen Smith .  Nscience 

February- March 2020  Book course; Dialectical Therapy Skills for Borderline Personality Disorder; Mindfullness, Interpersonal effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance;   McKay, Wood and Brantley

22nd Feb 2020 Children Young People and Families;  webcaast;  BACP

13th May 2019 Addressing Bereavement after Traumatic Loss -D Kosminsky and J.R. Jordan - NScience

23rd March 2019 Counselling Clients on the Autistic Spectrum.  Felicity Rosslyn -The Counselling Lab - York

20th January 2018 Adressing Personal and Clinical Challenges in Therapy - Susie Orbach NScience  London

26th-27th January 2015 Traumatic Attachment and Co-regulation:the Neurobiology of Relationship; Janine Fisher; Khiron House London

20th October 2014 Understanding and Working with Individuals with Autism: Jenny Ronayne: Psychotherapy UK, Manchester

2nd May 2014 Shame:the Hidden Core of Mental Disturbance: Dr Phil Mollon: Psychotherapy UK, Manchester

4th April 2014 Essential Skills for Short term Counselling - Michael Owens -Brief Therapy Manchester

24th March 2014 Mindfulness: Sex and Relationship Therapy - Meg Barker - Relate Manchester

2nd December 2013 Couple Therapy 6 Session Webinar - Psychotherapy Networker

26th October 2013 Identifying Vulnerability in Grief :Compass Liverpool - Dr Linda Machin

28th September 2013 Eating Disorders - A psychoanalytic Approach NScience Manchester - Dr Geraldine Shipton

21st March 2013 Treating Anxiety - Psychotherapy Networker - Online webinar course

3rd November 2012 Depressive Conditions: Leeds Relate -James Moore

27th Oct 2012 Life at the Edge: An Exploration of Borderline Personality Disorder - Psychotherapy UK Traning Ltd, Manchester - Anita Stokes

14th Sept 2012 Personality Disorders -Leeds -Relate institute -James Moore

20th July 2012 CBT for Self-harm -Andrew Reeves -Manchester -Relate institute

13th July 2012 Aspergers Syndrome - Maxine Aston - Relate Institute

19th May 2012 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression - Patrizia Collard - Psychotherapy UK

3rd March 2012 Anxiety Compulsive Disorder and Eating Disorders -James Moore: Relate Institute

25th Feb 2012 Working with shame and Self-esteem: M Yudkin - Psychotherapy UK

3rd - 4th Dec 2011 Creating Mindfulness Moments: Relate - Macmillan course, trainer: Chris Hannah, Llandudno

1st, 2nd, 15th,16th Oct 2011:Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Relate course- M. Whyte - Manchester

23rd Feb 2011: Thinking with Families, Working with Families. Paula Boston, Marie McGovern. Leeds Family Therapy and Research Cen

19th - 20th Nov. 2010: Telephone Counselling Julie Gossage Relate institute

23rd July 2010: Mental Health and Couple Counselling: Neil Clarke, Relate Institute

April – July 2010: Family Mediation course ADR – Family Mediation Association

29th Oct 2009: Domestic Violence Assessment (DVA) ISI (Individual Structured Interview) Trainer: Lyn Moody Relate London North West (Harrow)

10th July 2009 Child Focused Practice. Jim Wilson. London

19 June 2009: Domestic Violence / Abuse Assessment and Intervention- Woking

12 June 2009: Working with Sexual Issues in Systemic Therapy- Manchester.

6 June 2009: Affairs -London 8 May and 5 June 2009 Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse in the Context of Couple Counselling -Woking

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