FAMILY MEDIATION for SEPARATION or DIVORCE (Money & /or Child related)

The issues you may wish to address in Mediation may include

- the division of the all the assets and liabilities including financial assets, properties, pensions

- the child related issues with the aim of avoiding long on-going conflict which is so unsettling for the children.


As a qualified mediator and qualified counsellor in addition my previous knowledge and experience of Chartered Accountant I offer a reasonably priced mediation service without the legal administrative aspects but still supplying the documents to present to your solicitor for the settlement and preparation of the consent order.

This is an alternative to official legal mediation by using the principles of counselling to reach agreement.

MEDIATION FOR OTHER FAMILY DISPUTES (Personal or Financial -such as in  disputes over WILLS)

My experience as both a counsellor and financial manger gives me the suitable skils to help people who are struggling to find an agreemnt where motions and feelings are opposed.


Other issues where my financial experience can assist you through mediation include those related to business both in helping to find an agreement where the oposing views could otherwise lead to court procedings or just in supporting you through dicfficult decision making.


I have also experience in mediating in personnel conflicts at work both between individuals for personal issues and work related or inter-departmental disputes.


I ensure there is no bias in my approach and each partner or family member can have their say.

I recognise the emotional difficulties you may be going through and try to ensure you are protected from any additional stresses. In extreme cases I can deal with each person separately and communicate on your behalf.

Each one tells or gives his viewpoint and then by questioning and allowing each person to have their say we prepare the alternatives and work together to enable you to reach a compromise.

If there are child-related issues we work on methods which enable each one to find a better way to manage any conflictual matters such as parenting, school-related matters and time spent with each parent.

The number of sessions will depend on the willingness of each person to see the other's point of view and where possible to get a compromise agreement.

Write-ups can be provided after each session with financial and other matters agreed or still to settle.

Location: I am available to counsel-mediate at my home office near Knutsford or in and around South Manchester and North and East Cheshire at suitable locations which I arrange. I can also work with you in your own home or office as required. I can also manage this either totally or in addition as needed by online by Skype, phone or Email if required.

Fees: £60 per mediated hour at my home-office and for the write ups of session minutes and final Memorandum of Understanding and Financial Statement.

£75 per mediated hour attending at your or outside premises.

This means the cost will be considerably less than you would spend if you had two solicitors fighting on your behalf where the charges can easily run into the tens of thousands of pounds.

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